Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympics Quiz

  1. How many Gold medals did Kelly Holmes win in Athens?
  2. In which year did London last host the games?
  3. How many hurdles must a runner jump over in the 110m men’s hurdles race?
  4. Where were the 1984 summer Olympics held?
  5. What was the nickname of the stadium at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?
  6. Where are the 2016 Olympics to be held?
  7. In an Olympic opening ceremony which country is always the last to enter the stadium?
  8. At which event in the 1968 Olympics did Dick Fosbury win with a radical new technique?
  9. Of the four different athletic jumping events included in the Olympics, which two are only performed by men?
  10. How many countries took place in the 1996 Olympic Games? 

  1. Two
  2. 1948
  3. Ten
  4. Los Angeles
  5. Bird’s Nest Stadium
  6. Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)
  7. The Host Country
  8. The High Jump (The Fosbury Flop)
  9. Pole Vault & Triple Jump
  10. 197

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