Monday, 9 April 2012


Current affairs round from 8th April 2012.

  1. Who won the restarted 2012 university boat race?
  2. A medical university in which US state suffered a shooting on Monday?
  3. Which government website was taken down by a hacking attack last night?
  4. Who resigned as chairman of BSkyB on Tuesday?
  5. What were retailers across England banned from doing on Friday?
  6. Stock market expert predicted that which brand would become the world’s first trillion dollar company by 2014?
  7. Name the woman that caused Twitter to explode after her piece in the Daily Mail describing herself as beautiful?
  8. The US Masters is taking place this weekend but at which golf club does it take place?
  9. What is the name of the virus that has infected half a million Mac users?
  10. Name the ship that left Southampton today recreating the Titanic’s voyage?
  11. Who scored the penalty that took Man U into a 1-0 lead against QPR this afternoon?
  12. Which famous artist died in the South of France of a heart attack on this day in 1973?

  1. Cambridge
  2. California
  3. Home Office
  4. James Murdoch
  5. Displaying cigarettes
  6. Apple
  7. Samantha Brick
  8. Augusta National Golf Club
  9. Flashback Trojan
  10. Balmoral
  11. Wayne Rooney
  12. Pablo Picasso

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Entertainment #4

The entertainment round from TGS Bar Wars 25th April 2010

  1. What is the name of the Blue Peter dog whose retirement was announced in 2010?
  2. David Mitchell plays Mark Corrigan in which comedy series?
  3. Whose first single in 2007 was called 'Acceptable In The 80s'?
  4. What is the title of Alan Carr's chat show on Channel 4?
  5. With which charity event would you associate Pudsey Bear
  6. In which series does Teri Hatcher play a character named Susan Delfino?
  7. Which band is fronted by vocalist Hayley Williams?
  8. In addition to hosting Newsnight, Jeremy Paxman also chairs which quiz?
  9. Which member of the Carry On team was renowned for his dirty chuckle?
  10. Who had a 70s hit with Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree?
  1. Mabel
  2. Peep Show
  3. Calvin Harris
  4. Chatty Man
  5. Children In Need
  6. Desperate Housewives
  7. Paramore
  8. University Challenge
  9. Sid James
  10. Dawn (& Tony Orlando)

Sunday, 1 April 2012


  1. It was national cleavage day on Friday, which celebrity was awarded the nation’s favourite breasts award?
  2. Following this week's price rise, the biggest for 37 years, how much will a first class stamp now cost?
  3. The Duchess of Cornwall visited the set of which TV series earlier this week?
  4. Who has been appointed as head coach of England's rugby union team?
  5. Which Olympic sport did Prime Minister David Cameron try his hand at in the Downing Street garden earlier this week?
  6. The England cricket team suffered a 75-run defeat in their test match against which team?
  7. Which MP advised the population to keep a Jerry-Can of petrol in their garage this week?
  8. George Galloway won a by-election in Bradford representing which political party?
  9. What was the jackpot, in millions of dollars of this week’s New York Mega Millions lottery?
  10. As of today what is the cost of an NHS prescription?
  11. Which Cardiff Blues player has had to apologise after alcohol fuelled misbehaviour on a team flight home?
  12. On this day in 1999 the minimum wage was introduced. What were workers over 22 paid per hour?

  1. Holly Willoughby
  2. 60p
  3. The Killing
  4. Stuart Lancaster
  5. Badminton
  6. Sri Lanka
  7. Francis Maude
  8. Respect
  9. $640 million dollars.
  10. £7.65
  11. Gavin Henson
  12. £3.60