Wednesday, 28 November 2012

General Knowledge #47

1.       How are you feeling if you are seeing red?
2.      In which fictional city is Family Guy set?
3.      Which carpenter built Pinocchio?
4.      Where was the Titanic sailing to when it sunk?
5.      What is the world’s largest Christian denomination?
6.      What was Cinderella’s coach made from?
7.      Whose first UK number one hit was Pass Out in 2010?
8.      Which year did Sam Tyler visit in Life On Mars?
9.      In which city is Tiananmen Square?
10.   What does a plane’s altimeter display?

1.       Angry
2.      Quahog
3.      Gepetto
4.      New York
5.      Roman Catholic
6.      Pumpkin
7.      Tinie Tempah
8.      1973
9.      Beijing
10.   Height/Altitude

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Current Affairs #48

1.       A Swedish woman was in the news this week for having sex with a what?
2.      Health secretary Jeremy Hunt is to create a map of Britain’s what?
3.      Which play is celebrating 60 years in the West End?
4.      Credit ratings agency Moody's has stripped which country of its coveted AAA rating?
5.      For how many days was Roberto Di Matteo manager of the Chelsea football club?
6.      Who collapsed on I’m A Celebrity this week?
7.      Who did Chancellor George Osborne say had a more difficult job than his own?
8.      Which website launched a Cherokee version of its service this week, the 57th language it covers?
9.      The last of its kind to be produced in the UK has been donated to the Science Museum. What was it?
10.   Mark Hughes was sacked as manager of which football club this week?
11.    Name Dallas’ JR Ewing actor who sadly passed away yesterday?
12.   On this day in 1963 which US President was laid to rest?

1.       Skeleton
2.      Lonliest Places
3.      The Mousetrap
4.      France
5.      262
6.      Brian Conoly
7.      Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby
8.      Gmail
9.      Typewriter
10.   Queen’s Park Rangers
11.    Larry Hagman
12. JFK

Monday, 12 November 2012

Current Affairs #47

1.       Which presenter thrust a list of suspected nonce’s at David Cameron on live TV this week?
2.      Which DJ is to leave Radio One after 9 & a half years presenting its Saturdays?
3.      Dad’s Army legend Clive Dunn passed away this week. What was the name of the song he had a 1970 Number one hit with?
4.      Which female MP is taking part in this year's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here?
5.      In which city have the ATP World Tour tennis finals just taken place?
6.      Which businessman exploded into Twitter meltdown when Obama was announced as winner of the Presidential election?
7.      The "elixir of life" is said to have been invented by scientists in Kazakhstan. What is its main ingredient
8.      Which of the single has just topped a chart of the biggest-selling UK singles of the last 60 years?
9.      Brian Cobby died this week, you’ll never have heard of him, but you’ll have heard his voice. Why?
10.   What is the name of the new Archbishop Of Canterbury?
11.    Which store has been blasted this week for allowing customers to view Hard Core Porn on its free wi-fi?
12.   Name the Palestine leader that died on this day in 2004?

1.       Philip Schofield
2.      Vernon Kaye
3.      Grandad
4.      Nadine Dorries
5.      London
6.      Donald Trump
7.      Yoghurt
8.      Candle In The Wind
9.      Speaking Clock
10.   Justin Welby
11.    Starbucks
12.   Yassar Arrafat