Friday, 24 August 2012

General Knowledge #42

1.       Which company sponsor Coronation Street?
2.      What is the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury?
3.      Who designed the Team GB London 2012 kit?
4.      What is the name of the rabbit in “Bambi”?
5.      How was Iran known before 1935?
6.      Which football team is nicknamed The Magpies?
7.      Statistically which is England’s wettest county?
8.      What was the name of the police officer always trying to catch Top Cat breaking the law?
9.      The road sign warning of “Traffic queues likely ahead” shows a line of how many cars?
10.   Which language other than English is an official language of the Channel Islands?

1.       Harvey’s
2.      Lambeth Palace
3.      Stella McCartney
4.      Thumper
5.      Persia
6.      Newcastle
7.      Cumbria
8.      Officer Dibble
9.      3
10.   French

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Trivia Trail #1

The last letter of each of your answers should correspond with the first letter of the next answer.

  1. What is the principle colour of the Netherlands home kit in international football?
  2. Who performed ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ at the London 2012 closing ceremony?
  3. What was the name of the little boy that befriended ET in Spielberg’s famous film?
  4. In which sport do teams play for the Davis Cup?
  5. Which country's national dance is the bolero? 
  6. What is the capital of Cyprus?
  7. What is tattooed on Popeye's arm? 
  8. What currency is used in India?
  9. Which is the largest species of penguin?
  10. What colour is vermilion? 

  1. Orange
  2. Eric Idle
  3. Elliot
  4. Tennis
  5. Spain
  6. Nicosia
  7. An anchor
  8. Rupee
  9. Emperor
  10. Red

Monday, 20 August 2012

News & Current Affairs #30

1.       Which band performed the finale of the Olympic closing ceremony?
2.      What was revealed to be the most popular name for baby girls in 2011 this week?
3.      Sharon Watts returned to Eastenders this week but who plays her?
4.      Who was crowned Big Brother champion?
5.      Which band were jailed in Russia for Hooliganism?
6.      It was announced that which long-running comic book is to close in December?
7.      Which company is to replace Virgin Trains on the West-Coast Mainline?
8.      Which country granted political asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange this week?
9.      Three cities from one country have made it into the top five of The Economist Intelligence Unit's annual "liveability" rankings. Which country?
10.   Who transferred from Arsenal to Manchester United this week for £24 Million?
11.    John Lennon’s murderer is up for parole this week, what is his name?
12.   On this day in 1988 which artist was named to have the most played song in 100 years of the Jukebox?

1.       The Who
2.      Amelia
3.      Letitia Dean
4.      Luke A
5.      Pussy Riot
6.      The Dandy
7.      Firstgroup
8.      Equador
9.        Canada The ranking scores each city from 0-100 on 30 factors spread across five areas: stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure
10.  Robin van Persie
11.   Mark (David) Chapman
12. Elvis Presley

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

General Knowledge #41

1.       The Germans call it Free Body Culture. What do we call it?
2.      What was the name of the first American space station?
3.      Which card game is also the name of a Bond girl?
4.      Found in both Irish and Indian flag: what is the most sacred colour of Hinduism?
5.      The M20 motorway runs through which county?
6.      What is currently the UK's longest continuous running TV game show?
7.      How many lives is a cat said to have?
8.      What is the largest lake in Great Britain?
9.      False or True? The Apollo spacesuit was designed and manufactured by the lingerie company Playtex
10.   In which city is the National Football Museum?

1.       Nudism
2.      Skylab
3.      Solitaire
4.      Orange
5.      Kent
6.      Countdown
7.      Nine
8.      Loch Lomond
9.      True
10.   Manchester

From Bar Wars @ TGS Bowling 12th Aug 2012

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

General Knowledge #40

  1. Who founded the boy scouts in 1908?
  2. What is the name of the major fault line that runs through California?
  3. Who was President of the USA from 1981 until 1989?
  4. In which city was the BBC series Life On Mars set?
  5. If you have a million pennies how many pounds have you got?
  6. Which Embassy was the scene of the 1980 Special Air Service raid in South Kensington, London?
  7. The ARA General Belgrano was the first ship to be attacked by what?
  8. Which is the largest country in South America?
  9. According to Forbes Magazine as of April 2012, who is the world’s richest football team?
  10. What name is given to a line on a weather map that joins places of equal air pressure?
  11. Which comedian was born in 1957 and christened Christopher David Collins?
  12. How many countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council?
  13. With which instrument is Henry Steinway associated?
  14. What is the capital of Tasmania
  15. In which year did world war one begin?

  1. Robert Baden-Powell
  2. San Andreas Fault
  3. Ronald Regan
  4. Manchester
  5. £10,000 (ten thousand)
  6. Iranian
  7. Nuclear Submarine
  8. Brazil
  9. Manchester United
  10. Isobar
  11. Frank Skinner
  12. Five
  13. Piano
  14. Hobart
  15. 1914
From Bar Wars @ TGS Bowling 12/08/2012

Monday, 13 August 2012

News & Current Affairs Quiz #29

1.       Who was sacked as the face of Nivea this week?
2.      Which actor announced his retirement after being diagnosed with Parkinsons this week?
3.      Despite strict rules on branding a large quantity of whose headphones have been smuggled into the Olympic Village for the use of Team GB?
4.      According to an independent commission, the number of English students applying for university places this autumn has dropped by how much?
5.      Which supermarket has announced it is to start selling mortgages?
6.      What was the winning time in the Men's 100 metres race on Sunday?
7.      What was Usain Bolt prevented from taking into the 100m final in the Olympic Stadium?
8.      Which band were forced off stage during a live gig this week after being pelted with glow-sticks?
9.      Which legendry darts commentator sadly died this weekend?
10.   Name the girl missing and tragically found dead in London this week?
11.    Who won today’s community shield match?
12.   This week in 1950 who did the now Queen Elizabeth II give birth to?

1.       Rihanna
2.      Bob Hoskins
3.      Dr Dre (Beats)
4.      15,000
5.      Tesco
6.      9.63 seconds
7.      Skipping Rope
8.      Rizzle Kicks
9.      Sid Waddell
10.  Tia Sharp
11.  Manchester City
12.  Princess Anne

From Bar Wars @ TGS Bowling 12/08/2012

Monday, 6 August 2012

News & Current Affairs Quiz #28

1.       More than half of which country was left without power this week?
2.      Who broke the record for total number of Olympic medals won by one person this week?
3.      What did the designer code-name the London Olympic cauldron in an attempt to keep its look secret?
4.      Which film was voted the greatest film of all time in the recent British Film Institute's Sight and Sound survey?
5.      What has Snoop Dogg changed his name to this week?
6.      Which Roman monument is to get a £19.5m facelift over the next two years?
7.      To the nearest million Facebook had admitted how many of its profiles are bogus?
8.      In a survey this week what do Brits loath spending money on the most, branding it a rip-off?
9.      Who quit his job as UN Syrian peace envoy on Thursday?
10.   Which comedian has revealed a secret talent for art after unveiling his painting at the Edinburgh festival?
11.    What is the name of the probe NASA is dropping on Mars tonight?
12.   Which Hollywood star was found dead on this week in 1962?

1.       India
2.      Michael Phelps
3.      Betty
4.      Vertigo
5.      Snoop Lion
6.      The Coliseum
7.      83 Million
8.      Birthday Cards
9.      Kofi Annan
10.   Harry Hill
11.    Curiosity
12.   Marilyn Monroe