Monday, 13 August 2012

News & Current Affairs Quiz #29

1.       Who was sacked as the face of Nivea this week?
2.      Which actor announced his retirement after being diagnosed with Parkinsons this week?
3.      Despite strict rules on branding a large quantity of whose headphones have been smuggled into the Olympic Village for the use of Team GB?
4.      According to an independent commission, the number of English students applying for university places this autumn has dropped by how much?
5.      Which supermarket has announced it is to start selling mortgages?
6.      What was the winning time in the Men's 100 metres race on Sunday?
7.      What was Usain Bolt prevented from taking into the 100m final in the Olympic Stadium?
8.      Which band were forced off stage during a live gig this week after being pelted with glow-sticks?
9.      Which legendry darts commentator sadly died this weekend?
10.   Name the girl missing and tragically found dead in London this week?
11.    Who won today’s community shield match?
12.   This week in 1950 who did the now Queen Elizabeth II give birth to?

1.       Rihanna
2.      Bob Hoskins
3.      Dr Dre (Beats)
4.      15,000
5.      Tesco
6.      9.63 seconds
7.      Skipping Rope
8.      Rizzle Kicks
9.      Sid Waddell
10.  Tia Sharp
11.  Manchester City
12.  Princess Anne

From Bar Wars @ TGS Bowling 12/08/2012

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