Friday, 24 August 2012

General Knowledge #42

1.       Which company sponsor Coronation Street?
2.      What is the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury?
3.      Who designed the Team GB London 2012 kit?
4.      What is the name of the rabbit in “Bambi”?
5.      How was Iran known before 1935?
6.      Which football team is nicknamed The Magpies?
7.      Statistically which is England’s wettest county?
8.      What was the name of the police officer always trying to catch Top Cat breaking the law?
9.      The road sign warning of “Traffic queues likely ahead” shows a line of how many cars?
10.   Which language other than English is an official language of the Channel Islands?

1.       Harvey’s
2.      Lambeth Palace
3.      Stella McCartney
4.      Thumper
5.      Persia
6.      Newcastle
7.      Cumbria
8.      Officer Dibble
9.      3
10.   French

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