Wednesday, 5 September 2012

News & Current Affairs #31

1.       Who is to replace Andrew Strauss as England test cricket captain?
2.      Claiming they infringe a number of patents who did Apple sue for $1 Billion
3.      Which of the Spice Girls is Russell Brand rumoured to be dating?
4.      According to a new survey which gender lies more, men or women?
5.      Who has been announced as the Republican nominee for US President in the 2012 elections?
6.      Which pop star's song was broadcast from Mars by the rover Curiosity?
7.      Which supermarket is celebrating Christmas early by opening a string of Santa's grottos at stores across the country?
8.      Antony Jenkins is the new chief executive of which UK bank?
9.      Who did Laura Robson beat in the second round of the US Open tennis championship?
10.  Which Olympic medal winner has had their bike stolen?
11.   Who made her debut as the Doctor’s new companion last night?
12.   Name the record breakers star who sadly lost his battle to cancer on this day in 1994?

1.       Alistair Cook
2.      Samsung
3.      Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice)
4.      Men: On average, men lie three times per day totalling 1,092 lies over a year as opposed to two lies per day and 728 lies over a year for women,
5.      Mitt Romney
6.      Will.I.Am
7.      Asda
8.      Barclays
9.      Kim Clijsters
10.  Philip Hindes
11.   Jenna Louise Coleman
12. Roy Castle

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