Wednesday, 12 September 2012

General Knowledge #44

1.       In the TV show the IT Crowd what does IT stand for?
2.      Which footwear designer’s trademark are shoes with red-lacquered soles?
3.      The Concorde air plane was built as a joint effort between the UK and which country?
4.      Which word best describes TV celebrity Patrick Moore — astrologer or astronomer?
5.      What’s the first element in the periodic table?
6.      In Eastenders who is currently the owner of the CafĂ©? (As of AUG 2012)
7.      As of January 2012 Bruno Senna races for which F1 team?
8.      Which puddy tat chased and tormented Tweety Pie?
9.      Which Texan city is bigger — Houston or Dallas?
10.  Who presented The X Factor before Dermot O’Leary?

1.       Information Technology
2.      Christian Louboutin
3.      France
4.      Astronomer
5.      Hydrogen
6.      Lucy Beale
7.      Williams F1
8.      Sylvester
9.      Houston
10.  Kate Thornton

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