Wednesday, 10 October 2012

General Knowledge #46

1.       What is the motto of the SAS?
2.      Patsy Kensit played ward sister Faye Byrne in which TV series?
3.      Which is the largest of the Caribbean Islands?
4.      What was the wording on a Jim’ll Fix It badge?
5.      Which football club owns the largest stadium in the Midlands?
6.      Before joining the Euro by what name did the Republic of Ireland refer to their Irish Pound?
7.      In feet, how long is a full size snooker table?
8.      What was the title of Katie Price’s first autobiography in 2004?
9.      What name is given to a person who displays a needless anxiety over their health?
10.   What was the title of Lady Gaga’s first UK number one single?

1.       Who Dares Wins
2.      Holby City
3.      Cuba
4.      Jim Fixed It For Me
5.      Aston Villa
6.      Punt
7.      12 feet
8.      Being Jordan
9.      Hypochondriac
10.   Just Dance

Monday, 8 October 2012

News & Current Affairs #33

1.       Which of the Dragon’s Den dragons suffered a heart attack this week?
2.      Where will the Conservatives hold their party conference next week?
3.      Who has been announced as the host of next years Oscars Academy Awards Ceremony?
4.      Who did England beat to progress to the final of the women's WorldTwenty20 cricket competition in Sri Lanka?
5.      How long did it take Glastonbury’s tickets to sell out this morning?
6.      Jeremy Hunt this week said he wished to move the abortion limit from 24 weeks to how many weeks?
7.      Who has been announced as the singer of the theme to the new Bond film Skyfall?
8.      This week, who wore Versace's 'safety-pin' dress, first sported by actress Liz Hurley in 1994?
9.      For which team will Lewis Hamilton be driving during next season's F1 championship?
10.   Niall Horan off of 1D was on crutches this week after he claims he was injured by an attack by what animal?
11.    Name the Muslim cleric with a hook who was flown out of Britain this week?
12.   On this day in 1958 a fire on the world’s longest pier trapped dozens of people. In which town is it?

1.       Duncan Bannatyne
2.      Birmingham
3.      Seth MacFarlane
4.      New Zealand
5.      1 Hour 40 minutes
6.      12 Weeks
7.      Adele
8.      Lady Gaga
9.      Mercedes
10.   Squirrel
11.    Abu Hamza
12.   Southend