Monday, 6 June 2011


Missed the quiz? Here's the current affairs round from 5th June 2011

  1. The UK is developing a cyber-weapons programme to help against cyber attacks. How many malicious emails are discovered on the government's networks every month?
  2. What was unique about new benchesThe National Trust unveiled at UK beauty spots this week?
  3. Who scored a hat-trick for Swansea this week securing their premiership promotion?
  4. Which US company plans to double its number of British stores in the next five years?
  5. Which space shuttle landed from its final flight this week?
  6. Which music magazine celebrated its 30th anniversary this week?
  7. Who was the winner of last night’s Britian’s Got Talent final?
  8. Which footballer confirmed he had a hair transplant today?
  9. Which club reopened in London yesterday, 30 years after the original closed down?
  10. In tennis who was crowned French open champion this afternoon?
  11. Who has replaced Cheryl Cole on the UK X Factor?
  12. Which of the Kennedy’s was assassinated on this day in 1968?

  1. 20,000
  2. They can talk
  3. Scott Sinclair
  4. Krispy Kreme
  5. Endeavour
  6. Kerrang
  7. Jai McDowall
  8. Wayne Rooney
  9. Playboy Club
  10. Rafael Nadal
  11. Tulisa Contostavlos
  12. Robert Kennedy