Monday, 30 May 2011


Missed the quiz? Here's the current affairs round from 29th May 2011
  1. What was banned in Denmark this week?
  2. Obama signed the guest register in Westminister Abbey, but he didn’t date it 2011, what year did he mistakenly date it?
  3. Which team beat Northampton in the final of this year's Heineken Cup?
  4. A stuffed version of which animal sparked a security alert in Hedge End in Hampshire?
  5. Who took the award for Best Actress at this year's Cannes Film Festival?
  6. Obama sampled a pint of Guinness and paid for it saying: "I just want you to know the president pays his bar tab." How much, including a tip in Euros did he pay?
  7. Name the Icelandic volcano that erupted this week
  8. A Derbyshire couple were refused service at a McDonald's drive-through restaurant because of their choice of vehicle. What was it?
  9. Whose anchor was raised from the south Carolina coast this week
  10. Imports of dodgy what are being blamed for the German E.Coli outbreak?
  11. Who scored Man U’s one & only goal against Barcelona last night?
  12. On this day in 1953 who was the first man to stand atop Everest?

  1. Marmite
  2. 2008
  3. Leinster
  4. White Tiger
  5. Kirsten Dunce
  6. 50 Euros (the pint was 4.20 Euros)
  7. Grimsvotn
  8. Horse drawn carriage
  9. Blackbeard’s (Edward Treach)
  10. Cucumbers
  11. Wayne Rooney
  12. Edmund Hilary