Sunday, 12 October 2008


Due to unforeseen circumstance... Leon leaving the quiz at home... last week's Bar Wars missed the usual That Was The Week That Wars round - so for the completists out there here's the round that never was...

TWTWTW | TGS0236 | 5th October 2008

  1. Which DJ had 24-hour webcams in his flat allowing fans to watch him all week?
  2. Timmy Mallett, Geoffrey Hayes from Rainbow and Funhouse's Pat Sharp have been drafted in for whose latest advert?
  3. Which organisation has been using Facebook to hunt for potential recruits?
  4. Who has returned to the cabinet as business secretary under Gordon Brown?
  5. Which singer has had to cancel gigs on her current US tour after suffering a mystery illness this week?
  6. Which University became the subject of debate after its students were found undertaking initiation ceremonies featuring Nazi styled officers?
  7. Which ocean liner is currently sailing on its farewell tour and today docked in Belfast?
  8. Who defeated Tottenham 1-0 at White Heart Lane today?
  9. It was revealed that JK Rowling makes how much money every second?
  10. How many charges of armed robbery, kidnap & assault was OJ Simpson found guilty of this week?
  11. Who officially started the Northern Run today?
  12. On this day in 1991 the first tournament in which sport ever to be held outside of Japan was staged in the Albert Hall?

 Answers: Swipe Below

  1. Scott Mills
  2. Monster Munch
  3. MI6
  4. Peter Mandelson
  5. Janet Jackson
  6. University Of Gloucestershire (and Bar Wars birthplace!)
  7. QE2
  8. Hull
  9. £5
  10. 12
  11. Tony Blair (with Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington, Olympic cyclist Chris Hoy and Paralympian swimmer Ellie Simmons)
  12. Sumo Wrestling