Thursday, 13 September 2012

News & Current Affairs #32

1.      Evolution is the name of the forthcoming album from which band?
2.      Cult TV soap Dallas returned to UK TV this week what is the name of the Ewing’s ranch?
3.      Who was the winner of Celebrity Big Brother on Friday night?
4.      Who won cricket's County Championship this year?
5.      Which airline is introducing allocated seating on its low cost flights?
6.      Which radio station is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its launch this week?
7.      Who was appointed as transport secretary in David Cameron's cabinet reshuffle?
8.      The term 'murderball' is used to describe which paralympic sport?
9.      In which country has the charity Save the Children launched an appeal for the first time?
10.  Name the Really Wild Show presenter who sadly died this weekend?
11.  Who won a 4th Paralympic gold on Sunday to be crowned the greatest Wheelchair racer of all time?
12.  This week in 1963 which Credit Card launched in Britain for the first time?

1.      JLS
2.      Southfork Ranch
3.      Julian Clarey
4.      Warwickshire
5.      EasyJet
6.      Classic FM
7.      Patrick McLoughlin
8.      Wheelchair Rugby
9.      UK
10.  Terry Nutkins
11.  David Weir
12.  American Express

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