Tuesday, 31 July 2012

News & Current Affairs Quiz #27

1.       Why did the Olympic North Korean football team storm of the pitch on Wednesday?
2.      Who won ITV’s search for a Jesus in Superstar?
3.      Which film was voted the greatest ever sports movie this week?
4.      Actress Mary Tamm died this week. She played which of Doctor Who's companions in the 1970s?
5.      Last year, in millions, Oxfam recorded sales of how much?
6.      Which European country has an offshore oilfield containing more than 1bn barrels of oil?
7.      Which former prime minister was absent from a Downing Street lunch held to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee?
8.      According to the Office for National Statistics, the average rating of life satisfaction out of 10 in Britain is what?
9.      Who won Team GB’s first silver medal at London 2012?
10.   Actor Geoffrey Hughes sadly died this weekend, in which TV show did he play Onslow?
11.    Scotland could be the first part of the UK to introduce gay marriage, joining how many other countries worldwide?
12.   This week in 1966 England won the world cup. Who scored the hat-trick?

1.       A screen was displaying the South Korean flag.
2.      Ben Forester
3.      Rocky
4.      Romana
5.      £90 million
6.      Ireland
7.      Margaret Thatcher
8.      7.4
9.      Lizzie Armitstead 
10.   Keep Up Appearances
11.    11
12.   Geoff Hurst

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