Wednesday, 18 July 2012

General Knowledge #37

1.       The river Nile flows into which sea?
2.      Lady Gaga originates from which city?
3.      According to the insurance company, is it men or women who are more likely to have an accident on a roundabout?
4.      How many aircraft make up the Red Arrows display team?
5.      Who hosts TV quiz The Bank Job?
6.      What is kept in an apiary?
7.      Who has replaced Tobey McGuire in the role of Spider-Man?
8.      Which invention was patented by John Joseph Merlin
9.      What is the motto of the Girl Guides?
10.   Which member of the “Carry On” team appeared in most “Carry On” films?

1.       Mediterranean
2.      New York
3.      Women (Also Car Parks & Traffic Lights)
4.      9
5.      George Lamb
6.      Bees
7.      Andrew Garfield
8.      Rollerskates
9.      Be Prepared
10.   Kenneth Williams

From Hereford Rollergirls pub quiz, 13th July 2012

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