Monday, 9 July 2012

Current Affairs & News Quiz #24

  1. Part of which motorway was shut on Wednesday after a terror alert on a bus?
  2. In the new adverts who was shown assassinating the Go Compare singer?
  3. A section of which motorway was closed for repairs this week after a crack was found in a bridge?
  4. Who announced his retirement from cricket this week?
  5. Physicists from CERN were derided this week for publishing their Higgs Boson findings in which font?
  6. Who knocked Maria Sharapova out of Wimbledon?
  7. Who is the new manager of Tottenham Hotspur?
  8. Renzo Piano was in the news this week for designing what?
  9. Eric Sykes died this week. Who was his female co-star in his long-running TV series, Sykes?
  10. Serena Williams became the ladies champion at Wimbledon yesterday. How many times has she now claimed the title?
  11. Murray was sadly defeated in today’s Wimbledon final but who is his coach?
  12. This week in 1982 Michael Fagan was in the news for managing to get into where?

  1. M6 (Toll)
  2. Sue Barker
  3. M4
  4. Mark Ramprakash
  5. Comic Sans
  6. Sabine Lisicki
  7. Andre Villas-Boas
  8. The Shard
  9. Hattie Jaques
  10. Five
  11. Ivan Lendl
  12. Queen’s Bedroom

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