Wednesday, 11 July 2012

General Knowledge #35

  1. What was the name of the family that lived at 'Twelve Oaks' in "Gone With the Wind"?
  2. In which city was Martin Luther King Jnr. assassinated?
  3. Which card game shares its name with that of a floating bridge?
  4. Which Mediterranean country is the only one in the World to display its map on its flag?
  5. Which is the world's oldest golf course?
  6. Which breed of dog is named after a Mexican state?
  7. Who reigned for only 325 days?
  8. Which country invited Albert Einstein to be its President in 1952?
  9. What is the first name of Homer Simpson’s father?
  10. According to 2010 figures do the fewest marriages take place in January or December?

  1. Wilkes
  2. Memphis
  3. Pontoon
  4. Cyprus
  5. St Andrews (The Old Course)
  6. Chihuahua
  7. Edward VIII (8th)
  8. Israel
  9. Abraham (Abe)
  10. January

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