Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Current Affairs & News Quiz #25

  1. What is the nationality of the Wimbledon 2012 champion Roger Federer?
  2. Which mobile network suffered a massive outage on Wednesday?
  3. Who has been announced as successor to Chris Moyles on the Radio 1 breakfast show?
  4. Which security company revealed this week that it was unable to cope with the demands of the Olympics?
  5. The president of which country is making his first official trip to the UK this week?
  6. Which famous US property developer has just opened a golf course in Abderdeenshire?
  7. Footballer Park Ji-Sung has left Manchester United to join which London club?
  8. Channel 4 have announced that which celebrity will take a cocktail of class-A drugs on live television to demonstrate their effects?
  9. Which two stars were silenced on stage at Hyde Park last night after police cut the power on their over-running show?
  10. A video post on YouTube showed McDonald's top chef Dan Coudreaut revealing the secret burger sauce. He revealed that the colour came from which ingredient?
  11. Which British rider is currently leading the Tour De France despite today’s sabotage attempt?
  12. On this day in 1997 which famous fashion designer was shot dead at his home?

  1. Swiss
  2. O2
  3. Nick Grimshaw
  4. G4S
  5. France
  6. Donald Trump
  7. QPR
  8. Keith Allen
  9. Bruce Springsteen & Paul McCartney
  10. Paprika
  11. Bradley Wiggins
  12. Gianni Versace
From TGS Bar Wars, Hereford. 15th July 2012

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