Thursday, 28 June 2012

General Knowledge #34

1.       In Monopoly, starting at 'Go', where would you land if you threw a double six?
2.      In which year was Prince Harry born?
3.      Which computer game series sees you battling against an alliance of aliens known as the Covenant?
4.      Who shot to fame in 2007 with his first album ‘I Created Disco’?
5.      In which James Bond film does Pussy Galore run a flying circus?
6.      In the story of Jack and the Beanstalk what did Jack exchange for the beans from which the beanstalk grew?
7.      Who played Lord Flashheart in the TV series 'Blackadder the Second'?
8.      What is the capital of Ukraine?
9.      Which was the first country to use number plates on its road vehicles? Was it Britain,   U.S.A. or France?
10.   In weightlifting, how many attempts to lift the bar do athletes get per event?

1.       Electric Company
2.      1984
3.      Halo
4.      Calvin Harris
5.      Goldfinger
6.      A cow
7.      Rik Mayall
8.      Kiev
9.      France
10.   3

From TGS Bowling's Bar Wars 24/06/12

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