Wednesday, 27 June 2012

General Knowledge #33

1.       A foil is a weapon associated with which sport?
2.      Which musical instrument does Lisa Simpson play?
3.      In which city would you land at Dulles International airport?
4.      Which actress was Andre Agassi married to until 1999
5.      According to the bible what measured 300 by 50 by 30 cubits?
6.      Who co-hosts Strictly Come Dancing with Bruce Forsythe?
7.      In which month of 2011 did North Korea announce Kim Jong Ill’s death?
8.      If you are "myopic" are you near-sighted or long-sighted?
9.      Who had a UK hit in 2007 with ‘Hey There Delilah?’
10.   Which popular salad gets it's name from the New York hotel where it was first made?

1.       Fencing
2.      Saxaphone
3.      Washington
4.      Brook Shields
5.      Noah's Ark
6.      Tess Daley
7.      December
8.      Near-Sighted
9.      Plain White Ts
10.   Waldorf

From Bar Wars @ TGS Bowling 24/06/12

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