Friday, 22 June 2012

General Knowledge #32

A tougher set of questions:

  1. Which book explains and illustrates “The Leap of The Hare” and “Chasing The Sparrow”?
  2. Ken is Barbie’s boyfriend, but what’s his surname? 
  3. What word describes the science of sounds? 
  4. In which year were the dog licence abolished in Britain
  5. Jacksonville is the largest city in which US state? 
  6. Which Scottish castle takes its name from the Gaelic meaning “majestic residence”?
  7. Holidaying in Nesebar, you’re in which European country? 
  8. What’s the only commonly used word in the English language that ends in “mt”?
  9. Do giant pandas usually have black or white legs? 
  10. Seicento is Italian for which number?
  11. In the 007 films what is Miss Moneypenny’s first name? 
  12. After how many years of marriage is a crystal anniversary? 
  13. Formerly East Pakistan, by what name is this nation known today? 
  14. What’s a “golden ferret” in golf?
  15. Copra is dried flesh of which fruit?
  1. The Karma Sutra
  2. Carson
  3. Acoustics
  4. 1987
  5. Florida
  6. Balmoral
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Dreamt
  9. Black
  10. 600
  11. Jane
  12. 15 years
  13. Bangladesh
  14. When a player holes the ball from the bunker
  15. Coconut
From TGS Bar Wars, Hereford 17/06/2012

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