Sunday, 10 June 2012


The current affairs round from the TGS Bar Wars on 10th June 2012

  1. Which company recently topped the list of the most complained about adverts of all time?
  2. Which football legend took out Gordon Ramsay in a blistering tackle during Socceraid 2012?
  3. Prometheus is currently carving up the box office but who was its director?
  4. Which footballer claimed he would kill anyone throwing a banana at him during the Euro 2012 finals?
  5. was sold for £87m this week. Which television money expert was its original owner?
  6. Which of the Dragons is to quit the den for Channel 4 after the next series?
  7. Police are hunting the Forest Of Dean for a man performing bizarre acts infront of random women while dressed as a what?
  8. Which planet passed in front of the sun earlier this week?
  9. Who designed the red dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge aboard the Royal Barge last Sunday?
  10. How much money did Spain receive in its Euro bail out this week?
  11. Big Brother: Name the new contestant placed into the house as a wildcard on Friday?
  12. On this day in 2000 the Thames Millennium bridge was closed for wobbling too much, it linked the Tate Modern Gallery to which other London landmark?
  1. KFC
  2. Teddy Sherringham
  3. Ridley Scott
  4. Mario Balotelli (let’s hope he doesn’t play Mario Kart anytime soon)
  5. Martin Lewis
  6. Hillary Devey
  7. Smurf
  8. Venus
  9. Alexander McQueen
  10. £80 Billion
  11. Becky
  12. St Paul’s Cathedral

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