Monday, 25 June 2012


  1. Name the man at the centre of the Los Angeles race riots who was found dead this week?
  2. What is the name of the Education Secretary who apparently wishes to abolish GCSEs this week?
  3. And what does GCSE stand for?
  4. Where is the K2 scheme based where Jimmy Carr was alleged to be sheltering his earnings?
  5. Who had to apologise for claiming that Illfracombe was full of prostitutes?
  6. Where did England play their first one-day international cricket match against the West Indies last weekend?
  7. Which party won the largest share of the votes in the recent election in Greece?
  8. Who will played their final ever show at the Croke Park stadium in Dublin yesterday?
  9. The average weight of an adult human is 9.8 stones according to a survey of the "fattest nations". Micronesia and Tonga have taken the top two spots, but which European country was the highest ranked?
  10. Who is the RSPCA cross with for dying their dog bright pink this week?
  11. Who did Italy defeat in their final Euro 2012 group match to get to tonight’s quarter final?
  12. What substance did Benedict put into Luke’s protein powder in Big brother this week?

1.       Rodney King
2.      Michael Gove
3.      General Certificate of Secondary Education
4.      Jersey
5.      William Shatner
6.      The Rose Bowl
7.      New Democracy
8.      Westlife
9.      Malta (UK 10th)
10.   Emma Watson
11.    Ireland
12. Curry Powder

The current affairs round from Bar Wars at TGS, Hereford 24th June 2012

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