Friday, 15 June 2012

General Knowledge #30

1. In which month did Samuel Pepys begin his famous diary?
2. Which bird is India's national symbol?
3. Which folklore fantasy tale is subtitled There and Back Again?
4. Which U2 member was once the all Ireland junior chess champion?
5. Which animal can be red, arctic, bat-eared or fennec?
6. In tennis which score come after deuce?
7. In the old testament who was given the Ten Commandments?
8. Which is Britain’s oldest town?
9. In which year did World War 2 begin?
10. Name the golden retriever Carl & Russell adopt in the Pixar film Up?

1. January
2. Peacock
3. The Hobbit
4. Bono
5. Fox
6. Advantage
7. Moses
8. Colchester
9. 1939
10. Dug

From: TGS Bar Wars 5th September 2010

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