Sunday, 25 March 2012


Current affairs round from the TGS Bar Wars on 25th March 2012
  1. According to a new survey what was revealed to be the world’s largest employer this week?
  2. Which French town was terrorised by a lone gunman this week?
  3. Who was named as The Doctor’s new companion this week?
  4. Who designed the Olympic and Paralympic uniforms for Team GB, unveiled on Thursday?
  5. Which royal building has just reopened, following a £12m makeover?
  6. Kazakhstan's shooting team were shocked during a medal award ceremony. Instead of their national anthem music from which film was played?
  7. How much per unit was suggested as the minimum alcohol cost on Friday?
  8. Which two-time darts world champion sadly dies on Saturday?
  9. Name the Conservative Party co-treasurer who was filmed offering access to the Prime Minister in return for monetary donations
  10. To the nearest million how much did Sport Relief reveal they’d raised yesterday?
  11. Who won the Malaysian Grand Prix?
  12. This week in 1973 women were admitted into which London institution for the first time?

  1. US Department of Defense
  2. Toulouse CHECK
  3. Jenna Louise Coleman
  4. Stella McCartney
  5. Kensington Palace
  6. Borat
  7. 40p
  8. Jockey Wilson
  9. Peter Cruddas
  10. £50 million
  11. Fernando Alonso
  12. Stock Exchange

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