Saturday, 14 January 2012

That Was The Year That Was 2011 Part Two

  1. In July what was the name of the final shuttle to complete a space mission?
  2. Who was the editor of the final edition of the News Of The World?
  3. Which pop star was forced to close her failing fashion store in July 2011?
  4. Which puppet hit the press after attacking Paul Daniels with a pizza in August?
  5. During the UK riots in August sales of which sporting product rose by 6541% on Amazon?
  6. Who scored the first goal of the 2011/12 Premier League football season?
  7. Which century old common household product ceased production on 1st September 2011?
  8. Which pop band announced their split in 2011 after producing 31 years of music?
  9. In October who refused to leave the subs bench to play for Man City?
  10. What was the name of Michael Jackson’s doctor who was on trial in 2011?
  11. After dropping out of his degree what did Steve Jobs take classes in at Reed College in Portland?
  12. Boffins spent 2011 measuring the internet. In November they announced that the whole web weighed as much as which fruit?
  13. Which country did the UN pick as the best place to live in 2011?
  14. In December what was revealed by Twitter to be the most used hashtag of 2011?
  15. After 127 years which bridge finally finished being painted in 2011?
  1. Atlantis
  2. Colin Myler
  3. Lily Allen
  4. Sooty
  5. Baseball Bats
  6. Luis Suarez
  7. 60w Light Bulb
  8. REM
  9. Carlos Tevez
  10. Conrad Murray
  11. Calligraphy
  12. Strawberry
  13. Norway
  14. #Egypt
  15. Forth Rail Bridge

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