Sunday, 1 January 2012

That Was The Year That Was 2011 Part One

Here's part one of our look back at 2011. Part two, soon!
  1. Who stepped down as the governor of California in January?
  2. Also in January what did Spain’s state broadcaster ban from its TV schedule?
  3. What did Paul Daniels sell on ebay for £1000 at the start of 2011?
  4. Which F1 driver was seriously injured in a crash at an Italian rally in February
  5. What was the name of the new Downing Street cat employed early in 2011?
  6. Elizabeth Taylor sadly died in March. She supplied the first words of which famous cartoon character?
  7. In which city was 2011’s Radio 1 Big Weekend?
  8. Which country won the 2011 cricket world cup?
  9. In April William Hill offered odds of 100/0 on the Royal Wedding meal being what?
  10. Doctor Who’s Lis Sladen died in April. With which Doctor did she first appear as Sarah Jane Smith?
  11. In May the Queen officially became the 2nd longest reigning monarch in British History. Who did she overtake?
  12. Which country won Eurovision in May 2011?
  13. Which foodstuff was banned in Denmark in May 2011?
  14. In June which footballer confirmed he’d had a hair transplant?
  15. Also in June two men were arrested and charged with planning to kidnap which singer?

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Bullfighting
  3. His wig
  4. Robert Kubica
  5. Larry
  6. Maggie Simpson
  7. Carlisle
  8. India
  9. McDonalds or KFC
  10. Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)
  11. George III
  12. Azerbaijan
  13. Marmite
  14. Wayne Rooney
  15. Joss Stone

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