Saturday, 6 December 2008

General Knowledge # 24

1)     Which Shakespeare character has the most lines?

2)     What country was the setting of you only live twice?

3)     What’s the name of Luke Skywalker’s troll like advisor in the Empire Strikes Back?

4)     How long to the nearest day does it take the moon to orbit the Earth?

5)     What T.V role won John Cleese a 1979 BAFTA award?

6)     What children’s toy was adapted from a Phillipino weapon?

7)     Who was the first non-human to win an Oscar?

8)     What is the duration of a round in pro boxing?

9)     Who was the star of Up-Pompeii?

10)Who was said to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee?

11)How many number one hits did the Who have in the UK?

12)What direction do the best surfing beaches face?

13)What state is Disneyland in?

14)What was the Queen doing while the king was counting his money?

15)What is the perfect score in Ten pin Bowling?


ANSWERS: Swipe Below


1)     Hamlet

2)     Japan

3)     Yoda

4)     27

5)     Basil Fawlty

6)     Yo-Yo

7)     Mickey Mouse

8)     3 minutes

9)     Frankie Howard

10) Muhammad Ali

11) None

12) West

13) California

14) In the parlour eating bread and honey

15)  300


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