Thursday, 28 February 2008

General Knowledge #3

  1. Which horse won Grand National 2000?
  2. What is the name of the tallest volcano in the solar system?
  3. On average how many minutes of music can you fit on a CD?
  4. What is the liquid part of the blood called?
  5. Musically speaking what does R&B stand for?
  6. What was the first artificial satellite?
  7. What is the second largest of the Channel Islands?
  8. What school did Prince William first attend in 1995?
  9. In the organisations MI5 & MI6 what does MI stand for?
  10. What is the scout’s motto?
  11. Which novelist wrote Schindlar’s Ark?
  12. What sort of creature is a Cayman?
  13. What is the largest state of the USA?
  14. What does the acronym NATO stand for?
  15. What is a monkey-puzzle?

For the answers, swipe below:

  1. Papillion
  2. Olympus Mons on mars.
  3. 74 minutes
  4. Plasma
  5. Rhythm & blues
  6. Sputnik
  7. Guernsey
  8. Eton
  9. Military intelligence
  10. Be prepared
  11. Thomas Kennally
  12. Reptile
  13. Alaska
  14. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  15. A tree

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