Wednesday, 27 February 2008

General Knowledge #2

  1. Who created Sherlock Holmes?
  2. In which comic did Dan Dare appear?
  3. What are the tree people in Lord Of The Rings called?
  4. General Sherman is reportedly the most massive living thing on Earth, what is it?
  5. In which year did Britain adopt the decimal currency system?
  6. What did Jacques Cousteau invent in 1943?
  7. In the game Operation what do you remove from the wrenched ankle?
  8. What would you be if you were myopic?
  9. Who is the queen's eldest Grandson?
  10. Who had an 80's number one with West End Girls?
  11. What is Terry Wogan's first name?
  12. Who had a hit with Let's Get Ready To Rumble?
  13. Who had a hit with Flava?
  14. Who had a UK number one hit with Kung Fu Fighting?
  15. To the nearest million what is the population of New York City?

To reveal the answers swipe below:

  1. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  2. The Eagle
  3. Ents
  4. A Giant redwood tree.
  5. 1971
  6. The Aqualung
  7. A Spanner
  8. Shortsighted
  9. Peter Philips
  10. Pet Shop Boys
  11. Michael
  12. PJ & Duncan
  13. Peter Andre
  14. Carl Douglas
  15. Eight million

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