Sunday, 4 September 2011


Current affairs round from Bar Wars 04/09/11

  1. Which century old common household product ceased production on Thursday?
  2. In which city is MediaCityUK, the 2011 Carbuncle Cup winner of Britain's ugliest building located?
  3. According to the Chartered Management Institute, male executives earn an average of how much more than females in the same role? (Nearest thousand)
  4. Which football team has announced record operating profits of £100million?
  5. This week European archaeologists discovered remains of an amphitheatre large enough to rival the Coliseum in Rome. Near which city were they found?
  6. An Earthquake of magnitude 6.8 was recorded off the coast of which US state on Friday?
  7. Met Office figures released this week show it was the worst summer for 18 years. How many officially hot days were recorded? (An official hot day is when temperatures reach 30C plus)
  8. Twitter recorded its highest tweets-per-second this week after who announced their pregnancy?
  9. Red or black created its first millionaire last night but did he win by betting on red or black?
  10. Which Arsenal player has suffered an ankle injury while playing a friendly putting him out of action until November?
  11. That ban on the sale of which computer game has finally been lifted in Germany…after 17 years?
  12. What was seen for the first time in 73 on this day in 1985
  1. 60w Light bulb
  2. Salford
  3. £11,000 (£10,546)
  4. Manchester United
  5. Vienna
  6. Alaska
  7. 2
  8. Beyonce
  9. Red
  10. Jack Wilshire
  11. Doom
  12. The Titanic