Sunday, 14 August 2011


The current affairs round from Bar Wars 14th August 2011

  1. Sales of what sporting equipment rose by 6541% on Amazon on Tuesday?
  2. Mr Men celebrated their 40th anniversary this week but which one came first?
  3. Lady Gaga dressed as her male alter-ego to promote her new single this week is his name?
  4. The US military lost its revolutionary Falcon hypersonic aircraft this week. How many hours would it take to fly from London to Syndey?
  5. The BBC announced the ending of which TV drama after its next series?
  6. What is the Bank of England's 2011 growth forecast for the UK?
  7. Alastair Cook clocked up his highest test score on home soil in the match against India at Edgbaston on Thursday. How many runs did he score?
  8. According to independent student guide Push, students starting university in England next year will finish their degree with debts approaching how much?
  9. Who scored the first goal of this season’s Premier League yesterday?
  10. Which Welsh player faces the possibility of missing the rugby world cup having dislocating a bone in his wrist?
  11. As of noon today how many people has been arrested in connection with the London riots?
  12. This week in 1987 which former Hitler deputy was found dead in prison?

  1. Baseball bats
  2. Mr Tickle
  3. Jo Calderone
  4. One
  5. Spooks
  6. 1.5%
  7. 182
  8. £60,000
  9. Luis Suárez
  10. Gavin Henson
  11. 1225 (509 in Birmingham)
  12. Rudolph Hess

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